‘Press Release’ from Piltdown Golf Club


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Piltdown Residents who have supported the Golf Club in one way or another, both now and in the past. Whether you have been a member, a green fee payer, an Academy Member, or even if you have just attended one of the various PRA Dinners we have hosted, we are very proud to be the centre of the village, and hope to have had a positive impact on many of your lives.

I want to give you an update on where we are with the Coronavirus Pandemic, and let you know what we are doing. I appreciate that our actions can have some effect on your lives.

We clearly need to carry out some maintenance on the course or we would be coming back to an overgrown field, and it would take weeks to make it playable. The government agree, and have said that greenkeeping is vital and is allowed to continue. The advice is that we can carry out “essential” maintenance. There is no real definition of what is “essential,” but as an ethical business we are keen to do the right thing. We normally employ 7 greenkeepers, and we have decided to take this down to 2 from now until further notice.

Therefore can I ask that if you see one of our team out working on the course, do not give them a strange look, or question their right to be working. They are allowed to be there, and we need them to do the essential work. We heard of a horrible incident at another local course yesterday where a man out walking his dog threatened a greenkeeper with a knife. We will not tolerate anything of this nature, and our staff have been told to call the police if they encounter any unsavoury behaviour.

The clubhouse will be kept closed except for me popping in from time to time to check security, check for leaks etc, so I would appreciate if those of you living on Golf Club Lane would keep an eye on our property, and report any suspicious activity. We will of course do the same for all of you when we are out and about in Piltdown.

From a golfing perspective, no one is allowed to play the course at this time. This is not our rule, it has come from the government. All the members are aware of this, but there are occasions where locals head onto the course. We know this happens, and obviously we aren’t that happy about it, but during this extraordinary time we ask you to respect the Club and the law and please stay away. Golf is not legally allowed to be your daily exercise during this period.

All of us at the Club wish you all a safe and healthy few weeks and months, and we look forward to re-opening sometime soon, and seeing you all out and about in the village at that time.

Phil Bonsall, Club Secretary

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