About Us

Piltdown People Looking After Piltdown's Interests

Formed in January 2014 to ensure that the community in which we all live is protected and to provide a voice to raise concerns and represent our community.

PRA have completed a number of successful projects, ranging from the opposition to a proposed Land Raise waste site, to the successful submission of an alternative strategy to the Boundaries Commission, through to several well attended social occasions. The organisation exists purely for the benefit of the residents and we’re always interested in any help that can be given by any interested party. Please do get in touch through the contact page of our website or email Peter Roundell – Phone: 01825 722030 or Trishia Blewitt

"Our aim is to create a safe and supportive community for Piltdown."

Protecting Piltdown

PRA have a great track record in protecting the interests of the community and the people that live within the village. The association is committed to ensuring that all members have a voice and are supported by the work of the committee.

Promoting Community

We want to enhance the feeling of community within our geographically spread village and work hard to build relationships between our residents. PRA host several events throughout the year at a range of venues within the village aimed at increasing social interaction between residents.


PRA aims to ensure that our residents are well informed as to current and potential issues that may affect them and the surrounding areas. We work hard to maintain an up to date contact database and provide regular valuable updates to residents and businesses.

To view the MINUTES:  Minutes 2/3/2020.   Minutes 21/1/2023