Thanks from Wealden for the Great British Spring Clean

Wealden residents have again risen to the challenge during the Great British Spring Clean and were out in force helping to rid Wealden of unwanted litter and we would like to thank everyone who took part.

Over 60 individuals and community groups took part in this year’s event which ran from 25th March to 10th April making it one of the most successful in Wealden to date with  over 400 bags of litter removed from the District’s streets and open green spaces. A third more than the 300  plus bags collected in 2021. With many groups now taking to the streets throughout the year, it’s estimated that over 2000 bags of litter have been collected since last year (the equivalent to 10 tonnes of rubbish!)

So that we can get an idea of the extent of the litter picking undertaken by groups and individuals we would be really grateful if you could kindly spend a few minute completing a short on line survey.

The link for the survey is

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The second Update from the local Ukraine Support Group

Ukraine Support Group for Fletching, Piltdown and Sheffield Park.

This is the second mailing from the group just to keep you all up to date.

We’ve had a wonderful response to our call for support for Ukrainian refugees who might come to Fletching, Piltdown and Sheffield Park. Thank you to everyone who has got in touch offering help in all sorts of varied ways. It is not too late to sign up so please get in touch if you’d like to get involved.

The issuing of visas is still an extremely slow process, and we have several groups who are in the system and are waiting for final approval to come here. The good news is that two families have been successful and will be arriving shortly. We will give them a chance to settle in and then will get in touch to see how we can best support them.

Evidence seems to be showing that of those applying to come to East Sussex, most are wanting to be in the larger towns on the coast. However, Toby Illingworth, the Wealden councillor for Buxted, is doing great work on the ground in Ukraine promoting the benefits of settling in rural Wealden, so we have high hopes that a few more families will be arriving soon.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have any news.

Kate Minch (Chair) on
David Knight on
Peter Roundell
Gabby Paterson-Griggs


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Ukraine Support Group for Fletching, Piltdown and Sheffield Park.

We thought it would be a good idea to share with everyone how the Ukrainian Support Group is developing and to put out a call for anyone who is interested in getting involved in whatever way they can.

At the moment, we have six families who have let us know that they are willing and able to host Ukrainians, which is fantastic.  We would love to have a few more volunteers for this. This link may be helpful if you are thinking about hosting: East Sussex and Ukraine

Understandably hosting is not for everyone but there are plenty of other ways that we are hoping that we can get involved as a village. If and when we have any refugees in the village, we really want to make sure that they (and their hosts) feel supported. Our thoughts are that additional help could include things like:

  • “TLC” days which could include coach outings, sports activities, bbqs, Ukrainian cooking lessons – all ideas gratefully received!
  • Financial contributions – obviously all this will come with a cost.
  • Driving – while the hosts will largely be responsible for sorting out travel there will always be times when this might not be possible so a pool of drivers would be extremely helpful.
  • Help needed for the possible use of the village hall as a “drop in” centre.

We are in touch with other villages who are going to be receiving refugees and we are hoping to be able to link up with them, so we are not all inventing our own wheel.

We have already linked up with Toby Illingworth who is a local councillor in Buxted. He has set up the Buxted Refugee Programme and, to make organization around hosting easier, like some other villages, we have decided to join with this bigger organization. Toby has spent the last week in Poland setting up contacts locally to assist any Ukrainians who want to come to the UK.  He has so far managed to pair up several Ukrainians with people in the program and is hoping that he will be able to find many more.

The Parish Council is fully supportive of all efforts to support refugees and will help in any way possible.

All offers however large or small will be extremely welcome!  If you have any questions, please get in touch with either David or Kate.   Further updates will be coming!

David Knight on

Kate Minch on


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Great British Spring Clean 2022

As you are aware the Keep Britain Tidy campaign was postponed back in March/April 20/2021 due to the Pandemic, I am pleased to tell you that it has been re-instated this Spring.

Those who would like to participate, I have a limited supply of equipment given by the Wealden District Council of  Gloves , Litter pickers, bag hoops and Hi viz jackets for collection

I will distribute bags on a first come serve basis at Piltdown Pond Car park on Saturday  26th March between 10:30am and 11:30am.

Litter collecting equipmentShould you wish to start collecting on the  2nd April as a group initiative or alternatively  you can decide when  you would like to do it during the month of April.

Please let me know by email if you wish to participate to enable me to advise you which areas to concentrate on

I appreciate that many have continued Litter picking throughout the pandemic thank you to all those who have kept our roads and lanes clear of litter.

Thank you for your support

Best wishes Bob White on behalf of The Piltdown Residents Association

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Information on Fletching Church services

Here is the Newsletter from the Verger, Peter Wigan.

If you have not already done so, please let Peter Wigan know which Christmas service you wish to come to and how many of you there will be. There is plenty of space available for Midnight Mass, not so much for Christmas Day.  Contact: email address
Sunday service for 20th December: Pewsheet 20 Dec 20

All readings, pew sheets and services can be seen and heard on our church website Fletching Parish Church




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Safety at Piltdown golf course

I am posting a message from the Piltdown Golf Club about concerns of the safety of walkers on the golf course.
Since lockdown there has been a large increase in the number of people walking around the Piltdown Pond and ending up on the golf course side. We are sure that this is mainly visitors to the area and not local residents, but can we ask that you all keep an eye on this as it is potentially dangerous. This is a spot that can’t be seen from one of the tees, and it is quite a common landing place for golf balls.
To get to this point on the golf course side of the pond, walkers have to go past 3 signs warning them that they are entering a potentially dangerous place. Sadly they are ignoring them. We have actually seen parents lifting pushchairs with children in them over the signs warning them of danger!
Should things not improve over the next week or so we will be forced to block off the access as we can’t afford to risk the possibility of an injury to someone. We would really rather not do this if we can help it.
There have also been a few issues with people picnicking and/or sunbathing on the golf course between the pond car park and the back of our 4th green. Once again this is potentially dangerous, and we ask that visitors to the area try to stay safe and avoid this area.
Phil Bonsall
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Ready Meals from Simon Desmond

I have decided to get back to the kitchen after a number of weeks wondering, as I’m sure you have, of how to approach our new set of living circumstances.

I attach a menu and address details for Ready Meals produced to the highest hygiene standards here in our new kitchen at Gipps Farmhouse, Spithurst Road, Barcombe, Lewes BN8 5EH.  Menu Leaflet

Completed in September 2019 the kitchen has the benefit of space, blast-chilling facilities and masses of Fridge and Freezer storage. My suppliers: TGFruits of Brighton, ‘Fish’ of Hove, ‘The Cheeseman’ of Hove, Denniker Farm Fletching, all have great and consistent stocks of fresh food.

The recipes I have chosen are for food to enjoy daily not just super rich restaurant fare – Each dish is packaged either oven ready (e.g. pies) or in reusable plastic containers with ingredient, allergen and cooking instructions. I am ‘Freezing Fresh’ so as to give the longest shelf life when defrosted.

Food is available for collection 11am -3pm.

Do get in touch if interested     With kind regards, Simon Desmond


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