The Constitution as modified and agreed on 21/1/2023 at the AGM

The Constitution

Article 1

The name of the Association is “Piltdown Residents Association (PRA) and Friends”.

Article 2

Aims of the Association

To serve the interests of the Community of Piltdown, (identified on the Electoral Roll within Fletching Parish in the Wealden District of East Sussex), in respect of protecting the Association’s assets (including those of PRA), improving the environment and supporting the social life of the Community.

Article 3

Membership of the Association.

a) Membership will be open to any residents currently living in or have previously lived in Piltdown Ward, over the age of 16 or as agreed by the Executive Committee, subject to b) below (EC).

b) For a Member to have voting rights as a Registered Member at the Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) or any other convened Special General Meeting (SGM) , there will be a nominal initial registration fee together with a nominal annual renewal fee, as determined by the Executive Committee. The annual fee will be payable before or at the AGM. The Secretary will keep a record of Registered Members.

Article 4


i) Executive Committee

a) An Executive Committee (EC) to run the affairs of the Association will be elected at each AGM, and will comprise a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer (known as the Officers) and a further seven persons, drawn from the Registered Members, one of which may serve as Deputy Chairperson. Four members will constitute a quorum.

b) Any nominations to serve on the EC should be proposed by two Registered Members for the AGM, and received by the Secretary 14 days before the meeting. Voting will be by a show of hands of Registered Members attending the meeting, but in the event of a tie, the existing Chairperson will then have a casting vote.

c) If a vacancy occurs in mid-year, on the EC, the EC may, by a majority vote, co-opt a Registered Member to serve on the Committee, subject to being proposed by two members of the Committee.

d) EC meetings will be held at least quarterly, and on any item requiring a vote, in the event of a tie, the Chairperson will have the casting vote.

e) Minutes of EC meetings will be published on the Web-site.

ii) Sub-Committees

a) The EC may form a Sub-Committee for a specific purpose (eg Plan a social event), the number and persons serving on the Sub-Committee to be determined by the EC, and may co-opt any Registered Member or other persons, providing the Sub-Committee comprises a majority of Registered Members and that a Member of the EC acts as Chairperson.

Article 5

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

a) The annual period of the Association will run from 1st January.

b) The AGM will be convened in the three months prior to 1st April. Notice of the date of the Meeting will be publicised on the Web-site and by email to registered Members, as well as if possible, in the Parish Magazine. An Agenda, plus any supporting papers, will be published on the Web-site 7 days before, together with names of potential candidates wishing to serve on the EC and as Officers with two registered Member proposers.

c) The Agenda will include a report by the Chairperson of the activities since the last AGM and the Treasurer will report on the finances of the Association. Election of the Officers and other members of the EC will take place with immediate effect, in accordance with Article 4 i) above.

d) Any proposed changes to the Constitution will be included as an Agenda Item and published on the Web-site.


Special General Meeting (SGM)

a) With the agreement of a majority vote by the EC, a SGM can be requested by 10 Registered Members for a specific issue, the proposed issue and supporting detailed rationale to be tabled with the Secretary for the EC’s decision within 14 days of receipt of the proposed issue.

b) Should the SGM proceed, the Secretary will organise such meeting within 7 days and then a further 14 days notice will be given on the Web-site of the location and time together with the relevant Agenda item(s) and supporting papers.

c) Voting will be by a show of hands of Registered Members attending the meeting, and in the event of a tie, the Chairperson will have the casting vote.


Article 6


a) The Officers shall be Trustees of the Association’s assets, and any two will be able to agree in writing for the record of spending of the funds of the Association.

b) The Treasurer will arrange any banking or cash facilities with the prior agreement of the EC.

c) The Treasurer will keep a record of all the Association’s financial transactions and report at EC Meetings, and prepare any statement of accounts for the AGM.


Article 7


a) The Constitution or any agreed revision will be posted on the Association’s Web-site.

b) Any changes to the Constitution can be made either at an AGM or SGM, in accordance with the provisions of Article 5.


Article 8

Dissolution of the Association.

a) Any proposal to dissolve the Association and agreement of ensuing arrangements, can only be made at either an AGM or SGM, in accordance with the provisions of Article 5.

b) If applicable, any assets remaining after any debts and liabilities have been discharged, will be applied towards charitable purposes as determined at the meeting where the dissolution of the Association is agreed.